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Ranau the most popular town in Sabah, located 110km from Kota Kinabalu,Capital City of Sabah. Ranau was famous for Kinabalu National Park, Hot Spring and Kundasang Memorial Park. The citizen of Ranau comprise of Dusun, Chienese and Indian. Lodging is really easy to find from Kinabalu National Park to Telupid city. " Enjoy your stay at Ranau and please come again soon " Thanks: Admin

Friday, September 2, 2011

Mount Kinabalu

4103 Meter, Gunung Kinabalu Sabah

Mt. Kinabalu

Old as you are,

A witness to the dawn of civilization,

Of a place called the Land below the wind,

A monument of endurance and perseverance,

A memento of faith and goodwill among us,

A guide for travellers from afar,

An identity of the people,

You will always be in my heart,

No matter how far I'll go,

For you will always be,

A mount worth remembering.

Tamu Ranau

31st and 1st of the month - Tamu Ranau Sabah.

The so call Tamu Ranau, start at 6pm on 31st and as early as 6am in the morning on 1st of the month. Tamu Ranau located fives minutes drive from Pekan Ranau and 10 Minutes walk from there. It open for public. Here local from Ranau district sold their product. Do visit the Tamu soon and see you there.

Story Arrangement By: Go Ranau admin
Sources: Jennifer Disoni
Picture By: Jennifer Disoni  

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