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Ranau the most popular town in Sabah, located 110km from Kota Kinabalu,Capital City of Sabah. Ranau was famous for Kinabalu National Park, Hot Spring and Kundasang Memorial Park. The citizen of Ranau comprise of Dusun, Chienese and Indian. Lodging is really easy to find from Kinabalu National Park to Telupid city. " Enjoy your stay at Ranau and please come again soon " Thanks: Admin

Monday, January 3, 2011

Desa Cattle Kundasang Ranau

Desa Cattle Kundasnag Ranau.

Desa Ccattle located 10km from Kundasnag Town. This area is a breeding place for New Zealand Cow and a place for processing Cow Milk carrying the brand of Desa Cattle. Founded more then 20 years ago, every year got technology improvement is open for public with very little entrance fee of RM3 for adult and free for children.Open from 8am till 5pm. Make sure you don't missed the milking process at 3pm and you can see it live. To travel there, you can used your own transport or travel agent and the place is really easy to find. Make sure you bring your sweeter so that you don't feel cold.

If you are interested to visit this place... Open From Monday - Sunday (Daily: 9.00am - 5.30pm)


Story By: Go Ranau Admin
Sources: Desa Cattle Sdn Bhd
Picture By: Harry George

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