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Ranau the most popular town in Sabah, located 110km from Kota Kinabalu,Capital City of Sabah. Ranau was famous for Kinabalu National Park, Hot Spring and Kundasang Memorial Park. The citizen of Ranau comprise of Dusun, Chienese and Indian. Lodging is really easy to find from Kinabalu National Park to Telupid city. " Enjoy your stay at Ranau and please come again soon " Thanks: Admin

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Malaysia Budget Hotel Association

List Of Budget Hotel In Ranau and Kundasang

Hai and Welcome back to Go Ranau Website... First Of All Happy New Year 2011 and hope you guy out there is success in what ever thing you do. In this article I will give you the list of Budget Hotel In Kundasang and Ranau. Hopefully it will help you to find Budget Hotel to lower your expenses while your are staying in Ranau Sabah. The Budget Hotel is scattered from Bundu Tuhan to Ranau Town. There are also Homestay at Kundasang " Walai Tokou Homestay ". If you like to experience the life of local people here do visit the homestay here. The details about the Budget Hotel is listed below:

Kundasang/Ranau Budget Hotel

1. Celyon Resort and hotels
     Kundasang: Tel No: 088-247763, Fax No: 088: 235763

2. D Villa Rina Ria
    Mile 36, Tinompok Ranau Road Kinabalu Park Kundasang, Sabah
    Tel: 088-889282, Fax No: 088-888892, E-mail:

3. Haleluyah Retreat Center
    KM61 Ranau-Tamparuli Highway, Sabah
    Tel: 088-423993, Fax No: 088-420502, E-mail:

4. Kinabalu Pine Resort
    Kg Kundasang Along, Kundasang Ranau Highway
    Tel No: 088-889388, Fax No: 088- 889288,

5. Kinabalu Rose Cabin
    KM18 Jalan Ranau Tamparuli Ranau, Sabah
    Tel No: 088-889233, Fax No: 088-889800, E-mail:

6. Pendant Hut
    Tel No: 088-268126, E-mail:

7. The Cottege Hotel
    Kg Lembah Permai, Kundasang Sabah
    Tel No: 088-888882, E-mail:

8. Sonny's Village
    Mile 36, Tinompok Ranau Road, Kg Kalanggaan Sabah
    Tel No: 088-889277, E-mail:

9. Wildlife Mountain Lodge
    Tel No: 088-888487, Fax No: 088-889487

Visit Ranau and Kundasang with less expenses now..... Happy Visiting Sabah

Story By: Harry George
Sources: MBHA- Malaysian Budget Hotel In Rjnanau and Kundasang
Picture: Starstream Group.

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