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Ranau the most popular town in Sabah, located 110km from Kota Kinabalu,Capital City of Sabah. Ranau was famous for Kinabalu National Park, Hot Spring and Kundasang Memorial Park. The citizen of Ranau comprise of Dusun, Chienese and Indian. Lodging is really easy to find from Kinabalu National Park to Telupid city. " Enjoy your stay at Ranau and please come again soon " Thanks: Admin

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Luanti Fish Village

'Tagal' Sungai Moroli, Kampung Luanti - Fish Massage Ranau.

Luanti Fish Village is Located 22km from Ranau Town. Beside this place is the main entrance to Sabah Tea Garden, which you guys can visit after you finish with this fish village. Do take a picture and please come again soon.

Kampung Luanti, Ranau located about 131 kilometers from Kota Kinabalu (2 hours and 40 minutes drive away); this fish massage ‘spa’ is managed by the Kampung Luanti JKK and lead by Mr. Jeffrin Majangki.

In the Local Kadazandusun dialect, ‘tagal’ means ‘no fishing’, and the main purpose of the ‘tagal’ is to preserve the environment as well as the ecosystem to benefit the future generation. ‘Ikan Pelian’ or Malaysian Mahseer comes from the family of Cyprinidae. These fishes are specifically trained by the villagers to perform the healing massage activities.

The fish massage is deemed to have a curative effect on those who suffers from psoriasis. Come to Kampung Luanti for regular fish massages and you will enjoy smoother and suppler skin - just like a baby’s bottom.

If the idea of fishes nibbling off your dead skin doesn’t thrill you, try other activities such as jungle trekking and camping. Should you intend to stay longer, Kampung Luanti is also equipped with a homestay programme to make visitors feel at home every time.

Beautiful scenery at the Luanti Fish Village. The fish is following each other and this fish is really friendly to the tourist as long as they feed the fish.

The Entrance to the River... ( Left ) You need to show your ticket first before you can go  massaging your feet at the river bank of Kg Moroli Ranau. The person in charge will check you ticket and give other to the other guy to let you in and guide you... enjoy!!!

Rule and regulation at the river bank of Luanti Fish Village. Tourist are encourage to follow the rule and regulation as long as they are staying at this recreation place. Please get an assistant if you are international tourist if you do not understand Malaysian language.

 The Author and owner of Go Ranau website is having fun with the fish. Wow it feel so itchy and you hardly can laugh... hahaha nice.. ( Above and below )

Some of the local tourist enjoying there and being look by a Luanti Fish Village Staff. Usually this staff will give information about this recreation place and taking care of your saftey. Don't worry these guy are really friendly like the fish too.

( Above )View of the Luanti River.
Above Picture : Student from SMK Mat Salleh Ranau is enjoying their feet being massage by the fish ( Ikan Pelian - In Bahasa Malaysia ). During my visit there, this student is having motivation camp for 3 days and 3 night there. They are look happy same with the fish....

The fish is moving around. ( Above and below Picture )

Picture shown that a visitor with her son is feeding the fish while their leg being naturally massage by the fish.

Important Message - From Admin

The Main entrance from the main road Ranau-Sandakan. Fee Entrance for local and outsider is same. Below is the details:

Entrance Fee/Status

Within Ranau (Local)
Adult >18 yrs :RM 3.00
Children <18 yrs:RM 1.00

Outstation (Local)
Adult >18 yrs:RM5.00
Children <18 yrs:RM 2.00

Adult/ Children:RM 10.00

P/s: RM5 for massaging your feet and RM15 for massaging your body - 15 Minute only.

Special thanks for Luanti Fish Village Staff
Story shared by: Harry George
Picture by: Starstream Group
Photographer: Jennifer DS

Further Information
Please Contact Mr. Jeffrin Majangki or Call us at D7 Travel and Tours: Mr Bop HP: 016-8121702
Tel. No: 088- 878044
HP: 016-806 6598

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  1. do u happen to know the rate dat they charge for homestaying there??


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